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Opens in a reader pop_up with playlists – listen to mp3 music during your visit! Plugin manages mp3 on playlists, distant playlists and podcasts!

Where put mp3 ?

Mp3 must be put into Music folder of the plugin like this “[PWG folder]/plugins/music_player/music/[new playlist]/”. You should make your playlists order by artist (music/moby/go.pm3), or put artist’s mane directly into file name (music/electro/moby-go.pm3)

I have added mp3 but i didn’t find them in the playlist !

You do not update your playlist : So click on 2nd icon (‘Manage music’) near the playlist, then in final step, do ‘Submit modifications’

What is about ‘Show thumnbail in playlist’ ?

It is about thumbnail that you can insert (3rd icon (‘Manage thumbnail’) near the playlist

How does this plugin work ?

This plugin allow to create and manage some playlists, personnalise music player and his pop-up.
To create a playlist :
– First of all, You need a folder /music in plugin folder. IMPORTANT !! (Free users you are not concerne by this following notice) /music folder must have all autorisations en write/read (chmod 777 or rwxrwxrwx).
– Then, you create another folder in /music which will contain mp3 and playlist with .xml extension. Be careful : folder’s name is important : SO DO NOT USE SPECIALS CHARACTERES for the name of the folder
– Then click on ‘Synchronise with /music’ : folders in /music have been listed with mp3 files. Playlists with xml extension have been created with the same name of the folder.
– reception of the form: it is used to have a small descriptive text which will be used as link to play the playlist, in the window of the player. Leave empty a field text and the playlsit concerned will not be recorded in data base
– sending of the form and recording in data base: then you can add a miniature by upload or link: you can even directly send it by ftp with for name ‘[name of the file] .jpg’?

To manage playlist :
– Click on 2nd icon near the playlist
– Then follow these steps : Dont forget the last one !

How can i added distant mp3 or localised in others folders ?

Yes : For this go into the playlist of your choice and, on step two, add your file. Be careful : Even if mp3 is on the same server that this plugin, you need to write complete ardress with http://

It’s possible to add podcats ?

Yes : Since 1.3 a block for podcast and distant playlist have been added. Be careful : playlist must be in Atom, Xspf (use by the plugin), or RSS format. (podcast are always RSS)

I can’t find answers here / I have some problemes

Please use the Piwigo forum : my mail and the commentaries are not for support!