Plugin pour Piwigo : Icons Set

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Allows you to use icons from other themes

How to use it ?

Just pick a icon set for a theme and valid. All the installed themes are displayed at the top, and all the icon set at the bottom.

How to add my own set of icons ?

It’s easier to create your own theme. But you can add new set of icons and send me your work !

Create a CSS sprite of your icons. See for the png, and the file themes/default/iconset.css for CSS/
Then create a file called *.conf.php in ./plugins/Icons_Set/icons/ which contains

$iconsetconf = array(
'name' => 'my set',
'id' => 'my_set_id',
'icon_file' => ICONSET_PATH.'icons/my_folder/sprite.png',
'css_file' => ICONSET_PATH.'icons/my_folder/icon.css',
'css_file_admin' => ICONSET_PATH.'icons/mon_dossier/icon_admin.css',

and in icons/mon_folder/icon.css :

@import '../../../../themes/default/iconset.css';
@import '../../iconset_disabled.css';
.pwg-icon {
background-image: url(sprite.png);
A:hover .pwg-icon {
background-image: url(sprite_hover.png);

and in icons/my_folder/icon_admin.css

#iconBox_my_set_id .pwg-icon {
 background-image: url(sprite.png);
#iconBox_my_set_id a:hover .pwg-icon {
 background-image: url(sprite_hover.png);

Problem/Question ?

Please use the Piwigo forum : my mail and the commentaries are not for support!